Little Ducklings - 3 months

3 Month Old Program
  • By the time your baby is three months of age, they will have made a dramatic transformation from a totally dependent newborn to an active and responsive infant. She’ll lose many of her newborn reflexes while acquiring more voluntary control of her body. You’ll find her spending hours inspecting her hands and watching their movements.

  • 3month

  • At Jumpstart Infant Enrichment Center we strive to provide an environment essential to each developmental milestone of your infant. Our individual classrooms cater to the needs of each child at each developmental stage through one year old. Our trained Early Childhood Professionals provide a warm and loving atmosphere for your child to thrive in. Each classroom is designed to meet the specific areas of development by providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment for your child.

    At this point in your infant’s development Jumpstart Infant Enrichment Center continues on the educational path to your child’s first year of growth through providing a stimulating environment to guide your child towards reaching their full milestone developmental potential. Along the way we look forward to helping your child continue to grow both developmentally and socially. 

    At the 3 month mark your child will continue to develop in the areas of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional by attaining the developmental milestones necessary to become a stronger and more independent child.

  • How to Enroll Your Infant to a Class?

  • At 3 Months Physical Development includes the following milestones: 

    • Raises head and chest when lying on stomach
    • Supports upper body with arms when lying on stomach
    • Stretches legs out and kicks when lying on stomach or back
    • Opens and shuts hands
    • Pushes down on legs when feet are placed on a firm surface
    • Brings hand to mouth
    • Takes swipes at dangling objects with hands
    • Grasps and shakes hand toys

    At 3 Months Cognitive Development includes the following milestones: 

    • Watches faces intently
    • Follows moving objects
    • Recognizes familiar objects and people at a distance
    • Starts using hands and eyes in coordination
    • Smiles at the sound of your voice
    • Begins to babble
    • Begins to imitate some sounds
    • Turns head toward direction of sound

    At 3 Months Social and Emotional Development includes the following milestones: 

    • Begins to develop a social smile
    • Enjoys playing with other people and may cry when playing stops
    • Becomes more communicative and expressive with face and body
    • Imitates some movements and facial expressions
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