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6 Week Old Program
  • During the first six weeks of your baby’s life, they make major strides in development. They may not seem like much to you, but they are important for their development. Knowing what behaviors are common at the six-week mark lets you monitor your baby for milestones that they should be hitting during this time.

  • 6weeks

  • At Jumpstart Infant Enrichment Center we strive to provide an environment essential to each developmental milestone of your infant. Our individual classrooms cater to the needs of each child at each developmental stage through one year old. Our trained Early Childhood Professionals provide a warm and loving atmosphere for your child to thrive in. Each classroom is designed to meet the specific areas of development by providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment for your child.

  • How to Enroll Your Infant to a Class?

  • At 6 Weeks Physical Development includes the following milestones:

    At six weeks, your baby is still going to spend a good deal of time sleeping, but you’ll probably begin to notice periods of longer wakefulness. At this point your baby’s neck is getting stronger, and they’ll probably be able to hold their own head up for a few seconds. They are probably spending more time looking around when awake. When your baby gets excited they probably wave their arms and legs. Babies at 6 weeks of age begin to have more control over their hands, too, so you might see your infant moving their hands to their face or showing preliminary reaching for toys.

    At 6 Weeks Cognitive Development includes the following milestones:

    You might have noticed that your 6-week-old baby seems drawn to toys and objects that are black and white. Babies at this age haven’t fully developed their vision yet, so they like to look at objects with a lot of contrast. This helps their brains learn definition and borders, while also helping build their eyesight. Your baby also recognizes your face, which you’ll notice when you look at them. They will show signs that they know who you are, including holding eye contact and perhaps even smiling.

    At 6 Weeks Social and Emotional Development includes the following milestones:

    No, you’re not having a conversation with a 6-week-old baby — at least not a traditional one. However, babies at this age are able to communicate in rudimentary ways. Your infant still cries when they are hungry, tired or has a soiled diaper, but she may also coo at you when you talk to her and make eye contact with you for several seconds when you interact with each other. If your baby needs a break from the toys or your voice, they might turn their head away from you.

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